River Falls contracts with Tomberlin for mosquito control

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 23, 2017

River Falls town council on Tuesday approved a six-month, $6,950 contract with a local mosquito control company. The company is owned by John Tomberlin, who said the products he uses are all organic.

“I own my own equipment and I buy locally,” he said. “I use local people to spray and I pay them at least $15 per hour.”

He told the council that the city of Andalusia and the town of Gantt are among his clients.

The council also asked about potentially spraying the town’s cemetery and around town hall for fire ants.

He quoted them $150 for labor and $500 for the product for six months.

The council held off on the fire ant portion because town attorney William Alverson wanted to make sure that mosquito control fell under public works when it comes to the bid law.

If it doesn’t they would have to bid out the mosquito spraying if it’s more than $7,500.

Tomberlin said he hasn’t bid for a city yet.

He also provided the council samples of the personal insect repellent.