Coming soon: Improved sidewalks at theatre

Published 2:46 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson and City Clerk John Thompson are shown talking with Public Works Director Glynn Rawls Tuesday afternoon about the handicapped ramp being constructed this week in front of Clark Theatre.

The ramp is one of many improvements being made as the historic theater is being totally renovated. The once three-story building will now have two levels, with two theaters downstairs and one upstairs.

The renovation includes adding new restrooms and moving the snack bar facility in the lobby, as well as the changes to the theaters. New seating also has been installed, including some reclining seats.

On the street beside the theater, the sidewalk will be widened, and traffic will become one-laned. Interior renovations are almost complete, and the theater is expected to reopen in April.