Opp making infrastructure upgrades

Published 2:47 am Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Progress is being made in the City of Opportunity.

Opp City Planner Jason Bryan said Tuesday that the sidewalk project is under construction beginning at East Stewart Avenue.

“The project is on schedule and on budget,” he said.

The Opp City Council in September approved a $399,969 low bid for the expansion of sidewalks near two of the city’s schools.

Beasley and Company General Contractors from Castleberry were awarded the bid.

The project starts at Opp Middle School.

The project is being paid for through $400,000 in funding for sidewalks to schools.

Bryan said the city also is in the final design phase of the CDBG sewer grant.

“Permits from the Army Corps of Engineers are being processed,” he said. “If all goes well, we could begin the bidding process sometime mid-summer.”

In November, Gov. Robert Bentley awarded the city $444,793 for sewer rehab.

The city committed $50,000 to the project.

The money will be used to provide sewer line repairs along Kolb, Bailey, Foreman, Barnes, Hardage and Jewell streets.

Bryan said the construction on the L&N Depot is progressing.

“The door and window specialist is installing some windows, the new bathrooms are roughed in, the roof repair is underway, HVAC units are installed, and the electrician has been on the job since last week,” Bryan said. “This project is likewise on track and on budget.”

Work began in January on the restoration project.

The project is expected to cost $762,500 and Paul Catrett’s construction company is leading the restoration project.