Dress like a super hero, run for Kellen

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 10, 2017

Kellen asks for another fun run; parents need dependable vehicle

Locals are organizing a Color Run for Kellen Findley.

“I have had a ton of people ask me what they could do to help the Findleys,” said Christy Sasser. “And most of all they need your prayers.”

After doctors gave a grave prognosis for Kellen Findley, he asked for another color run so he could have fun throwing color at runners.
Courtesy photo

Sasser said the plan is to do as many fun things with Kellen as long as he feels up to it.

“Even though, this is one of the hardest posts I have had to make, today, we began asking Tater what makes him happy and what would be something super fun to do,” she said. “Immediately, he remembered how much fun he had at the last color run throwing color on people.”

Kellen, 4, has been battling embroynal rhabdomyosarcoma, a disease that is a rare histological form of cancer of connective tissue wherein the mesenchymally-derived malignant cells resemble the primitive developing skeletal muscle of the embryo. It is the most common soft tissue sarcoma occurring in children.

Earlier this week, family members shared that Kellen has two lesions on the liver that have grown, and his chest tumor has grown as well.

Kellen will no longer receive chemo treatments, they said.

Family said they know that God knows an exact time, but that doctors have given Kellen about six months to live.

Sasser said Cooper’s Kids will hold another Kellen’s 5K Color Run to celebrate Kellen.

“The Findleys are in need of a more dependable car and all the proceeds will go to help them achieve that goal,” she said.

The run is set for March 18 at 7:30 a.m., at the First Baptist Church Parking lot.

In addition to runners, they need sponsors.

“We only have a small window to get runners and sponsors because the deadline is next Tuesday, March 14 to receive a shirt,” she said. “We will still accept registrations the morning of but you will not receive a shirt.”

Sasser said that Kellen is very excited about the race and that his father will speak before the race.

“Kellen asked that everyone wear something representing their favorite super hero,” she said.

Forms are available at Andalusia Cash and Carry.

Cost to enter is $30 for early registration by March 14 and late registration is $35 and doesn’t include the T-Shirt.