Trailmasters serving snake samples; ‘tastes like chicken’

Published 1:03 am Saturday, March 11, 2017

While this weekend’s Rattlesnake Rodeo will feature entertainment, vendors and the show’s star – the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake, eventgoers can also try a time-honored tradition at the rodeo.

The Frank Jackson Trailmasters will be cooking up fried rattlesnake.

Today’s schedule of events

Trailmaster Donnie Mooney said they will have some 200 pounds of rattlesnake for sale in the concession stand.

Gone are the days when rodeo officials skinned and cleaned their own rattlesnake meat. Instead, they order it.

“It comes to us in one piece,” he said. “Then we have to have it cut in to 5-inch pieces.”

Trailmasters say the rattlesnake meat is similar to chicken in terms of taste.

Others say it has a gamier flavor that is similar to pheasant, frog legs, alligator or elk.

A lot of people roll the snake meat in corn meal and then deep fry it.

At today’s rodeo, eventgoers can try a piece of the meat for $6. It comes with a piece of bread, as well.