Snakes, music draw big crowds

Published 12:53 am Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Despite forecasts of bad weather, the 2017 Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo went off without a hitch.

Mayor Becky Bracke said organizers estimate about 7,500 people there for the entire weekend.

“I feel like there was about 6,000 there on Saturday and 7,500 total,” she said.

Bracke called the event, her first as mayor, “a fantastic, no-holds-barred turnout.”

Bracke said she felt there were some fantastic vendors at the 57th annual event.

“I went around to every one of the vendors and visited,” she said.

Bracke said Saturday was definitely the day.

“The entertainment was great,” she said.

On Saturday, the schedule was full of entertainment from snake shows to the greasy pole climb and buck dancing competition.

CCB Community Bank’s snake, Frank, one of 56 Eastern Diamondbacks, won the snake race.

Garrett Seago, Martin McDaniel and Chris Janson performed in concert for the crowd.

On Sunday, Ben Norris, Charity Bowden, Martin McDaniel and Confederate Railroad performed.

“Sunday was a pretty good turnout for a Sunday and it was kind of cool,” Bracke said.

There were no incidents, she said.

“I’m just so proud of all of our departments,” she said. “They did a super job putting everything. I had several people tell me that was the smoothest organization on putting the rodeo up and taking it back down.’

Bracke said she also felt that their being able to offer tickets for only $10 was a big draw as well.