Local fruit farm keeps wary eye on weather

Published 11:39 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The possibility of freezing temperatures this week has Glenene Edmondson of Edmondson Farms more than a little worried.

With the warm winter, her strawberry crop flourished early, but now she’s worried what kind of horrible effects a freeze could have on her crop.

“I haven’t put a sign up or advertised in the paper yet because I wanted to see how they were,” she said. “And they have been doing good.”

Edmondson said they picked strawberries on Tuesday in anticipation for a possible freeze on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“I was afraid it was going to freeze last night,” she said.

And they picked berries on Wednesday morning and she said they were selling as quickly as she could get them.

“I am worried about tonight,” she said. “I hope that the freeze misses us.”

Edmondson said her crops are loaded with berries.

“If they freeze, they will have to be picked off,” she said.

Edmondson said she didn’t think they had been through a freeze during strawberry season, so it was really going to be a wait-and-see situation.

“If we can make it through (Wednesday) night, we’ll be OK,” she said.

Edmondson joins a bevy of strawberry and peach growers in Alabama who were worried about their crops with the threat of freezing temperatures.

“Warm weather this winter has brought on early blooms and fruits in some areas,” said Dr. Elina Coneva, Alabama Cooperative Extension System commercial horticulturist. “It is a critical time for strawberry growers with blooms and small strawberries on the plant. It is also a critical time for peach growers who may already have trees putting on fruit.”

Strawberry growers throughout the state were busy putting on row coverings to help aid in protecting them.