AES HAS TALENT, PART 2 [with gallery]

Published 2:51 am Saturday, March 18, 2017

Andalusia Elementary School fourth through sixth graders got the opportunity to show off their skills on Friday in the AES Has Talent Show.

Joanna Cleland and Cape Merrell got the show started with dance routine to the song “How Can It Be?” Casey Bulger was originally going to dance with them, but a broken ankle kept her sidelined.

Emmy Mixson drew laughs and wowed the crowd with a magic show with her father Rob, also known as the assistant principal, as her assistant.

MaKinley Marlowe was next and showed off her vocals with the song “Drag Me Down.”

Ivy Rogers danced gracefully across the stage during a ballet performance from “Don Quixote.”

James Milton Jackson and Marlee Tisdale had the crowd in stitches with their comedy sketch set to “I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can!”

Landon Caldwell got the crowd going with a Musical Bo Kata karate performance.

Molly Capps, Madison Castleberry and Kyleigh Curry did a talented dance routine to “Can’t Stop Dancin’.”

Jacob Sellers showed off his many talents by playing guitar and harmonica.

Samantha Lawson did a dance routine to “Gold,” by Britt Nichole.

Donna Marie Guillotte showed off her pipes with a rendition of “Let It Go.”

Caroline Reeves showed her poise and talent with ballet performance from Cinderella.

Sarah Katherine Reese, Maecy Starnes and Ella Ward entertained the audience with a dance routine to “Sugar, Sugar.”

Mizhalee Perdue and Ashlin Biggs had the crowd going by singing Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Riley Tucker rocked the house with drum solo to “Born to be Wild.”

Savannah Cotton flawlessly played “Fur Ludwig” on the piano.

Gracyn Martin brought tears to the crowd as she sang “I Have this Hope” that she dedicated to her classmate Isyss Couch, who is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumor .