Sporting Lifestyles temporarily closed

Published 2:42 am Saturday, March 18, 2017

A sign on the door of Sporting Lifestyles in Westgate Plaza reads that the business is closed, and is moving during the next two weeks.

The announcement comes in the same week Circuit Judge Ben Bowden issued a preliminary injunction in a complaint the City of Andalusia filed against John W. Tisdale Jr., doing business as Sporting Lifestyles, for failure to purchase a 2016 business license.

According to court records obtained through the judge ordered the business closed until the owner executes a bond to cover the costs of the 2016 and 2017 license, or until the parties agree upon an amount due, and that amount is paid.

“The evidence also showed that no license had been purchased for 2016 even though a delinquency notice and certified letters had been sent,” the order states.

In accordance with the law, the order states, the city estimated the business license to be $2,501.73, and notified the business and its owner. No objection was entered, so the assessment became final, the order states.

In his order, Bowden stated that Tisdale was not present at a hearing to decide the matter, and was not represented by counsel.

“The fact that the respondent has not paid for this year’s business license makes it appear to the court that the failure to pay is willful and not a mere oversight,” the order states.

Bowden ordered the defendant or other responsible person close and lock the doors that allow public access, place a “closed” sign in a prominent place, and cease all business operations.

The order states the preliminary injunction “shall not be dissolved until the respondent executes a bond of $7,500 with sufficient surety to be approved by the Clerk of the Court.”

Tisdale responded to The Star-News’ request for comment with a very long answer and an absolute requirement of running as is or not at all. The response is in the hands of Star-News’ legal advisors and may or may not be published in a succeeding edition. That will depend on legal advice The Star-News receives and chooses to follow, and perhaps Tisdale’s willingness to allow editing.

Also asked for comment, Mayor Earl Johnson said only, “It is all in the record.”

The link to a  pdf of the judge’s order is below.

031717_preliminary injunction