OMS science students dissect fetal sheep

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 23, 2017

Opp Middle School students got a first-hand look and feel this week of what an embryonic sheep’s organs look like.

Sterling Driver, science teacher at OMS, said this is the second year that the sheep have been offered for dissection.

Students are spreading the dissection across three days, he said.

“We started Tuesday and will end (today),” Driver said. “The school provided the sheep for us. We appreciate Mrs. Sharon Spurlin, Ms. Emily Edgar and Mr. Michael Smithart.”

Driver explained the importance of using dissection in the classroom.

“They are doing this to relate to the function of our organs since we are both mammals,” Driver said. “It really helps paint a picture about life skills. As educators we need to plant seeds to enjoy school and carry it on into college.”

Driver said a lot of students tend to learn more with hands-on activities.

“My hope is that this might get them interested in the medical field or becoming a veterinarian,” he said.

He said all five classes he teaches participated in the dissection.

Brock Heath said he learned about the vena cava, a large vein carrying deoxygenated blood into the heart.

“I also learned they have two kidneys,” he said. “I’m a little grossed out.”

Jeff Musgrove said that he thought cutting out hearts was pretty fun.

“The sheep has the same organs as us in the same location pretty much as ours,” said MaKenzie Ladson.