Stella, lost after wreck, returned home

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 24, 2017

Four days after a young dog went missing from the scene of a fatal wreck, she went home Thursday night.

On Tuesday, The Star-News shared the story of Maggie and Stella, who were travelling with their owners, Robert Curtis Blocker and April Elaine Hayes last weekend. The couple died when their truck collided with a pickup driven by 16-year-old Taylor Kelley, who also died in the impact.

Gina Burns and Hayes had a niece in common. The 14-year-old lived with Hayes. When Burns learned that the dogs were missing, she wanted to find them to help her niece keep some part of her life the same. She immediately called veterinarians, animal control, and the local police department. She also turned to social media for help.

On Monday, the older of the two dogs, Maggie, was found and on Tuesday, Maggie went home. But there was no word on the younger dog, Stella.

The story was shared at least 184 times on social media, and reached 8,772 people. On Wednesday, Stella was found.

“Someone found her on the side of the road and contacted another lady I’ve been speaking to (Tara Lloyd),” Burns said. “They got her last night and took her to their vet, who did X-rays at no charge. Her leg is broken, but otherwise she is OK. Tara has a home here and is bringing her home tonight (Thursday).”

Burns said she was overwhelmed by the kindnesses shown by locals who helped locate the animals.