Unpaid taxes to be advertised

Published 1:26 am Saturday, April 1, 2017

604 parcels have property taxes due for 2016

Less than 2 percent of the property taxes owed in Covington County for 2016 are still outstanding, and those property owners have three days to avoid being listed among those with delinquent taxes in the public notice portion of the newspaper.

Alabama law requires each county to advertise unpaid taxes. Patterson said his office will begin advertising delinquent taxes in the newspaper next Sat., April 8.

“These advertisements will run three consecutive weeks in the newspaper,” he said.

Property owners have until Wednesday to get those notices paid to avoid advertising costs being added to their $25 delinquent fees, and 4 percent penalties already due. If the taxes are not paid, the properties will be auctioned on May 15.

Revenue Commissioner Chuck Patterson said Friday there is $205,000 in taxes left to be paid for 2016. In September, his department billed $11,421,263. Taxes are due in October and past due after Dec. 31 each year.

Patterson said there are still 604 parcels of real property, meaning land and homes/buildings, which is unpaid; and 48 parcels of personal property, which is equipment used by businesses.

“We’ve had a big rush today because people want to avoid the additional percentage (in delinquent fees) by paying before April 1,” he said. “So those numbers could still change.”

He said he and members of his department are reaching out to people who have unpaid taxes to help them avoid the penalties for late payment.

“In some cases, we know someone has died, so we are looking for family members,” he said. “We will keep pushing to find everybody that we can.”

The revenue commissioner’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

When paying by mail, send the bill or bills and payment to Revenue Commission of Covington County, 1 North Court Square, Andalusia, AL 36420.

Additionally, Patterson said the office is accepting payment by credit or debit card, but said there is a convenience fee for using the method.

For more info, call 334-428-2540 or email chuck.patterson@covcounty.com.