Crenshaw tornado damage keeps schools closed today

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tornado damage in Crenshaw County will keep schools there closed today, and Eufaula City Schools will be open late Tuesday morning due power outages.

A reported tornado took down trees limbs, power lines and other wreckage in downtown Luverne Monday.

While the storms did not cause as much damage as was feared Monday, Alabama is not done with severe weather this week.

The Storm Prediction Center has added a slight risk to parts of south and central Alabama for today (Tuesday), and a wider and more substantial risk will be possible on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham has placed parts of central Alabama into an enhanced risk of severe weather for that day and warned it could escalate. The NWS said there was “substantial uncertainty” in the forecast, but added there is “potential to become a serious situation.”