Children get firsthand look at local livestock

Published 1:33 am Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Covington County ALFA Young Farmers held their annual Farm Day philanthropy at the Covington Center Arena on Friday to let kids learn about what goes on at farms.

“We do this for all kindergartners in Covington County,” CC Young Farmers President Dennis Busby said. “There were about 830 kindergartners that came through today.”

The event had tractors and other farm equipment that the children could get in, as well as different animals that can be found on a farm.

“This is all volunteer workers,” Busby said. “Farmers around here provide us with all the equipment and the animals, and the Bullard’s have never charged us to rent out the place.”

Busby said that the kids got the chance to pet some of the animals and learn about their importance.

“It’s funny with this being such a rural area, a lot of these kids have no clue where their food and material for their clothes come from,” Busby said. “We are able to explain and show them the equipment that gets your food from the farm to the table.”