Fire fighters receive specialized training

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More than 40 firefighters and emergency response personnel gathered Saturday for some extrication training involving big trucks.

Brandon Holland of the River Falls Fire Department said that they basically simulated accidents of vehicles versus commercial trucks.

“That could be semi or single axle fuel trucks,” he said.

Holland said there was training on how to remove a patient if they can’t get someone out the door.

“We had advanced techniques for a patient’s removal,” he said.

Holland said Shannon Bryant sponsored the event by providing lunch and providing the vehicles for the simulation.

“We had a guy come up here from Florida and help with the advanced techniques,” he said.

And a man from Nashville, Tenn., saw the announce of the training on the fire association’s Facebook page and came to the class.

Holland said the man was able to show a few things to the firefighters on how they do things.

“It’s just part of the networking and seeing how other people do things,” he said. “The training is class-driven and it allows people to input and ask questions. It’s also very hands-on.”

Holland said the training gave firefighters and first responders an opportunity to try new things and see how proficient they are without it being a real-life event.

“The scenarios we did are situations that are likely to happen in this area with all the big trucks,” he said. “We did cross training with Shannon Bryant and doing rescue. There are no departments that have the equipment to life the big truck up if there is someone trapped underneath. So, he has to do it. We get to understand a little bit about what he is doing and he gets to understand a little bit about what we are doing. We work together as a team even though we have different jobs.”

Holland said firefighters and first responders from Covington County, Crenshaw County, Coffee County, Walton County and Okaloosa County participated.