Cousin shares Taylor’s impact on life

Published 1:22 am Saturday, April 15, 2017

Editor’s note: Brodie Maddox wrote this essay about Taylor Kelley for Candy Parker’s English class at Andalusia Junior High School. Kelley died in a wreck in March. We are pleased to reprint it here.

I can remember a time that my pawpaw, Taylor, my cousin Brent, and I went turkey hunting. Taylor had just gotten a new shotgun and was so proud of it. Well, we sat and waited for a while, but then I heard something behind me. All I could hear was wings flapping. I spun around and shot and about 10 seconds later I heard two more gunshots — Taylor’s. But get this, when we left those woods, no one had killed anything. We had lots of adventures together.

The author, left, with his late cousin.

Taylor Reed Kelley had an impact on my life. He was my cousin; we were really close; we grew up together. We had so much fun. Let me tell you that was a great young man. I spent some of the greatest time of my life with him, and I miss him so much. He never met a stranger. Every time we saw someone in need of help, you better best believe he was right there.

What made him special was that he was kind to all. For example, I can remember a time when Taylor came to my dad’s and we went to Tractor Supply to get dog food. An older lady was trying to load her groceries in her car, and before I knew what happened, Taylor was already over there.

He was so helpful and, Lord, he sure did like playing the guitar. I can remember back when Taylor was fifteen and we were sitting in his room learning how to play some music on the same day that he got his Les Paul guitar. He was so proud of that thing.

In loving memory of Taylor Reed Kelley. Taylor will be missed by all who knew him.