Latest fad selling out locally

Published 1:38 am Saturday, April 29, 2017

The latest buzz in the toy world is the new Fidget Spinner, and Pink Peppers is selling them as quickly as they can get them in stock.

“We just started selling them today,” Pink Peppers employee Meaghan Walker said. “This morning, we had 50 of them and now we are down to just 10. They have been going quickly. Literally, every one wants one.”

Walker said the Fidget Spinner is actually not a toy at all, and is a tool designed to help improve focus in people with different illnesses.

“They were designed to help children that have ADD and ADHD,” Walker said. “Every one else seems to really enjoy them also.”

The small gadget spins between the user’s fingers for up to five minutes with a single spin.

Walker said that people of all ages bought the Fidget Spinner on Friday.

“There really have been all kinds of people buying them,” Walker said. “We had a little 4-year-old girl that bought a few and we have also had college-age kids buy some. I’m 25 and I’ve been messing around with them all day long.”

With the current stock dwindling quickly, Walker said a new shipment was already on its way.

“It’s been crazy how popular that this things are,” Walker said. “They are the new fad and everyone wants one. We’ve already placed an order for 100 more. The company that makes them is also making ones that are cube shaped, and we have ordered them also.”

Walker said that the Fidget Spinners come in a variety of colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option.

The ones at Pink Peppers are selling for $10.50.