Study Club of Andalusia celebrates community

Published 1:40 am Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Study Club of Andalusia was all over town this year “Celebrating Community.” The program committee of Fadra Chance, Barbara Posey, Jenny Pitts, Lenora Johnson, Maria Thigpen, and Eleanora Birk planned meetings at various locations.

In November, the club met at the Andalusia Public Library with speaker Chrissie Duffy. Mrs. Duffy told the club about the impressive activities of the Andalusia Chamber of Commerce. Springdale was the site for the December meeting where Program Chair Judy Scott introduced Mrs. Debbie Posey, who gave a delightful presentation of Holiday Food Recipes. The members enjoyed sampling some of Mrs. Posey’s recipes and the festive Christmas decorations at Springdale.

In January, the club ventured to Andalusia High School to hear Sara Catherine Patrick and Dawn Thompson.

Mrs. Patrick told about the curriculum for freshmen English students. Mrs. Thompson focused on technology and the advantages of lesson plans for this technology-savvy generation. She showed the club members some of the computers that the City of Andalusia bought for several teachers and their students. Having a classroom set of computers enables the students to write and share their essays easily. Club members marveled at the new educational tools and were glad that the students still study some of the same classic literature that they did decades ago.

The Study Club members met in the new LAAC Gallery for the February meeting. Artist Liz Reid presented the program and painted a lovely arrangement of hydrangeas on a table.

In March Mayor Earl Johnson spoke to club members about celebrating our local government.

Among Mayor Johnson’s topics was the upcoming renovations to the AHS auditorium and stadium.

The meeting was on International Women’s Day and Mayor Johnson commended the group for their contributions to the community.

Central Church of Christ minister Tripp Jones presented an interesting program on Celebrating our Faith for the April meeting.

The Study Club members closed each meeting by reading Mary Stewart’s poem “ Collect for Women.” The officers for the 2016-17 year are President: Fadra Ann Chance, Vice President: Barbara Posey, Recording Secretary: Jackie McDanal, Treasurer: Jenny Pitts, and Corresponding Secretary: Judy Bryant.