Florala author’s ‘The Sanctum’ hits No.1 on Amazon

Published 12:24 am Saturday, May 6, 2017

Florala author Pam Cable on Friday had something for which to be thankful.

Her latest novel, “The Sanctum” was ranked No. 1 on Amazon in the religious mysteries category.

“Every day, I’m honored and thrilled to see the success of this novel,” she said. “More than anything it’s not enough to give my readers a satisfactory read. I want to pierce their hearts with my story. I believe ‘The Sanctum’ does that. I’m grateful to every reader and thankful to God.”

“The Sanctum” is Cable’s third novel.

“The Sanctum” takes place in 1946 when Neeley McPherson, 5, accidentally killed her parents. She is thrown into the care of her scheming and alcoholic grandfather.

Gideon, an elderly black man, watches out for her.

In 1959, as equal rights heats up the South, authorities accuse Gideon of stealing a watch and using a whites-only restroom.

Neeley, 13, determines to break him out of jail.

The infamous Catfish Cole, Ku Klux Klan grand dragon of the Carolinas, pursues Neeley and Gideon in their courageous escape to the frozen Blue Ridge Mountains.

After Gideon’s truck hits ice and careens down a steep slope, they travel on foot through a blizzard, and arrive at a farm of sorts – a wolf sanctuary, where Neeley crosses the bridge between the real and the supernatural. On this cascading landscape, she discovers her grandfather’s deception, confronts the Klan, finds her faith in God and uncovers the shocking secrets of the family who befriends her.

“It’s set during a volatile time in American history,” Cable said.

Cable said during her research, she discovered that the county in which Neeley lived there was a

man who was ordained into a church and was also a grand dragon of the KKK.

“I wrote him into the novel as being her pastor,” she said.

“The Sanctum” is also a Selah finalist in the fiction: historical/Biblical category.

The Selah Awards are awarded to books within Christian publishing that are considered excellent in their genre.