Merrell: DA’s round-up nets $1OK+, 15 arrests

Published 12:02 am Saturday, May 6, 2017

More than $10,000 was collected during a round-up by the District Attorney’s office recently.

District Attorney Walt Merrell announced Friday that his office, with the assistance from a number of local law enforcement agencies, completed a successful round-up of individuals who owed monies for worthless checks, and who owed restitution in closed cases.

This round-up was spearheaded by DA Investigator David Brownlee, along with Worthless Check Unit Coordinator Jeremie Shaffer and DA Investigator Shawn Bentley.

The effort brought in a total of $10,435.95 from 20 individuals prior to arrest warrants being served.

Fifteen others were also arrested as a result of non-payment and failure to appear in court.

“Our efforts toward the ends of justice and efforts to make a victim whole do not end when a case is closed,” Merrell said. “In worthless check cases and other criminal cases, a merchant or victim is owed restitution. This round-up was a success for may of those merchants and victims.”

Merrell encouraged those who still owe court-ordered money to get current.

“We aren’t done yet with this round-up,” he said. “We are adding names daily and arresting those who just won’t pay. Arrest warrants are a last resort after payment arrangements and attempts to communicate have failed.”

If you owe or think you owe money, contact Shaffer at 222-2513.