It was a perfect day, with a bang

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It happened on a Thursday. Not a Monday to begin the week or a Friday to end it. Not even on a hump day, but a Thursday. I didn’t expect it. Didn’t anticipate it, but it happened.

Perhaps, the way the day started hinted that it was coming. I woke up smiling, saw the sun shining and heard the birds singing. My coffee tasted especially good and the usual catch in my hip wasn’t catching.

“Ah, this is a good day,” I whispered to the cat sleeping in a sunny spot near the window. “I’m happy, cat.”

You know I love days when good things show up unexpectedly. It’s little things like having a parking space open up in exactly the spot I want to park. Then I finding a short checkout line and having nothing I buy require a price check.

It’s a day when everything seems to go right and things fall into place without me feeling rushed. I glide through the hours with almost no stress. Oh, I love those days.

You know it’s those days that make up for the stormy ones when every parking space within a block of the store is full. Then, there is only one cash register open in the place, three items in my cart are missing a price tag and the cashier can‘t get an answer to her page for a price check. In the meantime, the line of people waiting for me to get that price check is growing. That’s when I remember the perfect days and appreciate that another one will come.

As I said, it happened on a Thursday, something that made my good day darn near perfect. Perhaps, women understand and appreciate this better than men. Although, I think guys might experience something similar to it. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but close, very close.

So, here goes. That amazing Thursday was a perfect bangs day. Yes, it was a moment when the bangs that sit happily on my forehead reached the absolute optimum length and looked, for a few hours, exactly the way I imagine they should look all the time.

I know every one of you with bangs or even hair, gets what I’m describing. There comes a time in the life of a hairdo when it is as it should be. The length is right. The curl curls in the best direction and at the correct angle. Oh, and the color is fine from root to tip.

True, those things make a good hair day, but bangs are the real test. To meet the criteria of a perfect bangs day, the length must not be even a blink off.

When bangs are right, they cover the forehead without coming too close to the eye. They just kiss the eyebrow. This length is not easy to maintain and must be savored with it arrives.

I knew it was one of those days when I ran a brush through my hair after I washed and dried it. It took no effort to fix my bangs. No using a curling brush to get them out of my eyes. No plastering them in place with hairspray. Even the humidity didn’t destroy the perfection of my bangs.

Ah, what a day. Alas, all things must pass, and after one shining moment, my bangs day ended.

Now the big question — do I trim the darn things to keep them out of my eyes? That is a challenge since a little too much and they are too short. Do I hold off and keep sticking them in place with hair gel and spray?

Maybe let them grow out, live life without bangs. Nope, I’m not brave enough for that tricky move.

I guess I will live with the sweet memory of that Thursday — my perfect bangs moment — and I’ll patiently wait for spirit to move me to do whatever I need to do to experience another one of these fine days.


Nancy Blackmon is a former newspaper editor and a yoga instructor