ACS handles end-of-year personnel changes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Andalusia City Board of Education on Monday addressed personnel matters.

The board hired:

  • Laura Tucker, math teacher at AHS;
  • Josh Sheffer, band teacher at AJHS;

The board accepted the resignations of:

  • Terry Sheridan, cafeteria worker at AES;
  • Joey Caldwell, assistant principal at AES;
  • Heather Bailey, fourth grade teacher at AES;
  • April Thrower, third grade teacher at AES;
  • Kristan Etheridge, fourth grade teacher at AES;
  • Catherine Parker, band teacher at AJHS;
  • Brad Garner, science teacher at AHS, who is retiring;
  • Sara Catherine Patrick, ninth grade English teacher at AHS;
  • Sage Mallory, science teacher at AHS.
  • Brooke Blair, administrator/transportation director/federal programs director.

The board granted tenure to:

  • Allyson Clarke, pre-K teacher at AES;
  • Trevor Driver, sixth grade teacher at AES;
  • Bridget Harper, first grade teacher at AES;
  • Courtney Owens, fourth grade teacher at AES;
  • Tyler Dent, social science teacher at AHS;
  • John Dugger, social science teacher at AHS.

The board non-renewed:

  • Susan Chandler, fourth grade teacher at AES;
  • Yvette Akridge, math teacher at AHS;
  • Howard Battey, ACCESS lab paraprofessional at AHS.

The board assigned the duties of transportation coordinator to Kim Thompson, and added a supplement to her pay.