Opossums take refuge in drawer

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Antioch’s Brittany and Judy McLaney had their own version of “Possum Come a Knockin” this past weekend, except the opossums broke into their home and took shelter in the most unusual place.

“Mom had recently rotator cuff surgery,” Brittany said. “She asked me to hand her some clothes. When, I reached in her panty drawer, there was this thing staring at me. I could see beady eyes. So, I eased the drawer closed.”

Brittany said she told her mom that there was something alive in the drawer.

“She asked me if it was a mouse,” Brittany said. “I said, ‘No, it’s much bigger. It’s either a possum or a raccoon.’ Mom says, ‘Open the drawer and let’s get a look.’ So we eased the drawer out.’”

Brittany said she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“It just lays there staring at us,” she said. “She said, ‘Go get Wayne.’ That’s our neighbor and handyman. I literally ran over there.”

As it turned out, Wayne was sick. “She asked me what was wrong. I said, ‘There’s a possum in my mom’s panty drawer.’”

To get the opossum out of the drawer, Brittany said she used “an old person grabber” and put it in a cardboard box. They released it into the woods.

Brittany said all of this took place on Saturday.

“We were wondering how did it get in,” she said. “Was it through the doggy door or did the cats bring it in?”

On Sunday, Brittany said she went to work for a little while.

“My mom posts on Facebook it didn’t occur to her to check her other drawers,” she said. “There was another possum in her nightgown drawer. It was the exact same size. She managed to get it out and took it to the woods.”

Brittany said that they wondered if it was the same one, but said they don’t think it was the same animal.

But their opossum adventures weren’t over yet.

Around midnight Monday, Brittany said her mom heard a sound and was trying to catch the third opossum.

It was with with the third opossum that the McLaneys figured out just how the marsupials were getting into their home.

Brittany said there was a trap door that was behind the shower that had been removed for some plumbing work.

“They were coming in from under the house and through the trap door and getting in the panty drawer,” she said. “At 3 a.m., my mom scooped the third opossum up and some panties and released it into the woods.”

They have since blocked off the trap door.

The pair posted the photos to Facebook and have gotten a lot of feedback.

“I have friends from everywhere,” Brittany said. “This describes my hometown. I have a friend from Detroit who asked me why we didn’t call animal control. I said, ‘We are animal control.’”