Russell, Osborn tops at OHS

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Opp High School Valedictorian Eli Russell and Salutatorian Courtney Osborn are ready for graduation and have big plans for their futures.

Eli Russell

Russell, the son of Wayne and Samantha Russell, will graduate from Opp with a 4.31 GPA.

“I will attend Auburn University and major in agronomy and soil,” Russell said. “I plan on going into agricultural research for chemicals and seeds.”

The job he currently works is what Russell said led him to pursue his degree.

“I work on a farm and it just caused me to fall in love with agriculture,” Russell said. “So I decided I wanted to pursue a degree in it.”

Getting to the top of his class is something that Russell said just happened.

“I never really made it my goal to strive for the top,” Russell said. “I just always worked as hard as I could and I ended up at the top as a result of that.”

Russell had some advice for the Opp High School underclassmen.

“Work hard, branch out and discover new things,” Russell said. “Pursue your dreams and work hard to achieve those dreams, and in everything seek God first.”

In 10 years, Russell hopes to have accomplished many things.

“I see myself happily married with a couple of kids,” Russell said. “I see myself working for an agricultural company doing research that will make this world a better place.”

Russell is a volunteer for Hope Here International Ministries and an Opp High School ambassador. He is also an active member in Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta and a prayer group leader.

Osborn also has big plans for her future.

Courtney Osburn

“My plans are to attend UAB in the fall to acquire a master of science and Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in order to obtain a PhD in orthodontics,” Osborn said. “I chose UAB because of their outstanding medical programs. I decided to be an orthodontist after establishing a strong fascination with the braces that I received in the sixth grade.

“In 10 years, I will be concluding my college studies and moving back home to begin my career,” she predicted.

Like Russell, Osborn said that getting to the top of her class was something that just happened.

“I was never actually in a race with my classmates,” Osborn said. “While in school, I really just wanted to get every answer correct on all of my assignments and this is where it got me.”

Osborn also left advice for the underclassmen at Opp High School.

“Leave the growing up for after the tassel is turned,” Osborn said. “Your grades are important, but so are memories. Don’t forget to have fun through high school because one day you will regret the memories that you did not make more than the grades that you did make.”

She is the daughter of B.J. and Beth Osborn.

She is a member of OHS Ambassadors, Mu Alpha Theta, Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Cosmoteens, Interact Club, Diamond Dolls, varsity volleyball, Beta Club president, Pep Club, Peer Helper, First Baptist Church Opp youth group member and VBS volunteer.