Andalusia Health Services awards $163K in scholarships to locals

Published 12:48 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Andalusia Heath Services awarded scholarships on Tuesday in the 2017 Award Ceremony to several local people that are pursuing various degrees in the medical field.

A total of 20 students were awarded a total of $163,000 to go towards school.

Scholarship recipients included:

  • Nursing practitioner – Brandi Leonard, Susan Marler.
  • Registered nursing – Lea Daugherty, Akyra Dawson, Jacqueline Dorsey, Cheyenne Hartin, Melda Robinson, Allison Smith, Katie Spurlin, Amber Thomas, Katherine Veasey, Nathaniel Wheeler, Jordan Williamson.
  • Occupational therapy – Harold Ethan Powell
  • Paramedic – Clayne Trawick Bedsole
  • Physical therapy assistant – Victoria Daugherty
  • Radiology technician/imaging – Alexandria Brown
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Taylor Hammonds
  • Surgical Technician – Katlyne Chesteen


The foundation fund was started decades ago, when the original citizen owners of the Andalusia hospital sold it to a private company.

The sellers then invested the more than $2 million profit into the Andalusia Health Services foundation, which funds a variety of projects, including scholarships for students entering professions in the medical field.

In order to receive a scholarship, the student must contractually agree to return to Covington County to practice his or her craft, following graduation.

In addition to scholarships, Andalusia Health Services donates between $40,000 and $60,000 a year to local health-related charities.


Board members for Andalusia Health Services, Inc., include: Ivan Bishop, president; Dr. Jim Krudop, vice president; Cathy Alexander, Wayne Bennett, Diaon Cook, Chrissie Duffy, Carolyn Graham, Phillip Jones, John S. Merrill, Harmon Proctor, Charles Roland and Elizabeth Starr.

Shirley Smith chairs the group’s scholarship committee. Other members are Ziba Anderson, Regina Bass, Bob Harry and Ted Watson.

Gwen Ryland is the scholarship coordinator.