Take care of limbs before they are deadly

Published 12:39 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

To the people of Covington County and the City of Andalusia:

This is not my first attempt at calling attention to a potential deadly danger to automobile drivers around our community. The huge trees planted long ago on or near the right-of-way of highways and city streets pose imminent danger. In a wind their heavy limbs can and do turn loose and fall on whatever or whoever is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Case in point: Huge, very old tree in front yard at 501 Moore Road has recently been taken down because a limb large and heavy enough to kill someone had broken off and fallen in the yard. Neighbors had previously said the tree should not be cut down because it was a historic landmark, but after the limb fell, the city officials said it had to come down.

Hopefully, our county commission officials will take a look at trees hanging over Hwy. 82, Gantt to Red Level Road, and take appropriate action to save lives and or injuries. I would advise drivers not to travel that road between Gantt and Highway 23, Jim Foshee Road, in stormy weather. A pecan limb fell on my windshield several years ago. It was frightening and had it been a larger limb, could have been much worse. And it is not the only location.

Some of you will remember a family driving through River Falls Road, Hwy. 84 West, when a tree limb came down on their car, killing the lady in the car. I well remember because I was in the line of traffic waiting for the wreck to be cleared. The tree was cut down immediately after that.

From my observation, unless trees must be trimmed under or around power lines, they do not get trimmed. Why do we wait for disaster to happen to do what we have been warned repeatedly about?


Pat Rathel

Red Level