AAA: Gas prices to stay same throughout summer

Published 1:10 am Friday, May 26, 2017

Gas prices in the state of Alabama are expected to remain at the current price range throughout the summer, which is good news for those looking to do some summer traveling.

AAA Alabama Public Relations and Marketing Manager Clay Ingram said that current gas prices match exactly with the prices from a year ago.

“Our state average is $2.10 per gallon of regular unleaded,” Ingram said. “That’s exactly the same price as a year ago today, and down 8 cents from a month ago.”

Ingram said that the cheapest areas for gas, in the state are Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery while prices in Andalusia are averaging $2.05 currently, 5 cents under the state average.

Ingram said that in the past, rural areas typically had higher-priced gas, but that is no longer the trend.

“The biggest factor is price shopping and whether or not there is any competition in a particular area,” Ingram said. “If the people around an area are making a conscious effort to buy the cheapest gas they can find every single time, then it’s going to generate competition and drive prices down in that area.”

Ingram said that people tend to simply look for the gas station that is more convenient or even newer looking rather than hunting the best price.

“If people are more concerned with stopping at a gas station on the right side of the road, so they don’t have to cross traffic, or stopping at one because it looks newer, the prices tend to be higher,” Ingram said. “We’ve gotten away from price shopping and are more concerned with convenience more than anything.”

Ingram said that gas prices are expected to remain between $2 per gallon and $2.50 per gallon throughout the summer.

“It looks like our gas prices are going to be very similar to what we saw last year throughout the summer, which is great news,” Ingram said. “If we can keep them between $2 and $2.50 during the summer that’s not too bad at all, and I think we’ll be a lot closer to $2 than $2.50 for most of the summer.”

Michael Boykin, an Arkansas resident, passing through the state said that gas prices in Alabama are much cheaper than most states he travels through.

“Gas is just about as cheap here as anywhere else,” Boykin said. “We stop in Alabama to get gas anytime we’re headed to Georgia or the beach.”

Opp resident Jennice Brooks said that if gas prices remain similar to the current prices, then her family will be making use of it.

“It would be nice if it was cheaper but a few years ago it was really bad,” Brooks said. “As long as it stays around $2, we’ll be OK. If it doesn’t get too high during the summer, we’ll take a couple of family vacations hopefully.”