Covington County faring better than state in employment

Published 2:54 am Friday, June 2, 2017

A new study by WalletHub shows a dire issue with job opportunities and unemployment in the state of Alabama, but Covington County is faring well compared to much of the rest of the state.

According to the study, Alabama ranks as the fourth worst state overall for jobs.

Despite that bad news, the unemployment rate in Covington County is just 5.7 percent, below the state average of 6.2 percent, currently. That’s the lowest unemployment rate for the county since 2008, during the beginning of the recession.

In 2009 that number reached all the way to 13.1 percent.

Alabama Department of Labor Communications Director Tara Hutchison said that despite Alabama ranking near the bottom of every category of WalletHub’s study, last month Alabama had the largest percentage point decrease – 0.4 percentage point – in unemployment rate in the entire nation.

“Our civilian labor force is the highest it has been in more than six years, and number of people employed is higher than it has been in more than 10 years,” Hutchison said. “The number of unemployed in Alabama is at a nine-year low, and our unemployment is the lowest it’s been since May 2008.”

Hutchison said that in April, the state reached an economic milestone.

“Employers reported supporting more than two million jobs for the first time in nearly nine years,” she said. “So, our economy is most definitely moving in the right direction and showing improvement each month. It is our hope that these numbers will only continue to improve throughout 2017.”

Despite the growth, unemployment is not where the state wants it to be and Alabama currently sits as the fourth worst state in the country in regards to unemployment rate and sixth worst in job opportunities.

Hutchison said that anyone is currently unemployed or would like assistance in finding a job or even training or education, can visit an Alabama Career Center.

Career Centers offer resume assistance, interview training and can even place jobseekers in vocational or education training programs at no cost.

The Andalusia Career Center is located at 1000 Dannelly Boulevard and can be reached at 334-881-2304.