HAMS could provide critical service

Published 12:15 am Saturday, June 3, 2017

When the Big One hits, your cell phone might be jammed, your land line might be out and your e-mail might be down.

That could spell big trouble for people and agencies that rely on power to communicate via the radios, Internet or cellphones.

Radio amateurs, often called “HAMS,” provide a critical service when all else fails, Covington County EMA director Susan Harris said.

Remember the people with the HAM radios, from years ago?

The folks who learned Morse code to get the licenses with an incomprehensible array of frequencies, call signs and big, boxy radios?

Turns out the HAM folks are still around – digital style.

Despite the array of gadgets they now have to communicate, it’s more than likely they’ll still be the go-to guys during an emergency.

EMA is in need of that type of service –it has proven to be a vital service that has saved lives when regular communication systems failed. EMA is asking anyone that is interested to consider volunteering.

HAM operators in the area who are not a member of a HAM group are asked to call the office and join the EMA’s volunteer group to help during emergencies.

If you are interested and DO NOT have your licenses

The EMA office will assist those who are interested but do not have a license with information needed to become a HAM operator.

Please call 334-428-2670 and speak with someone in EMA about how to help the people of Covington County during an emergency.