DA’s office warns of scam

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Residents of Covington County have recently been receiving a letter, via fax and email, that is a scam according to the Covington County District Attorney’s Office.

The sender of the letter suggests that the person receiving it become a partner, in scamming a life insurance company out of the proceeds of a policy where the company can find no heirs.

This is a scam to get a person’s personal identifying information and to access bank accounts. Also, if the letter were real it would be illegal to do the proposed scam itself.

Anyone that receives one of these communications should not respond and contact the Covington County District Attorney’s Office at 334-222-2513.

If a Covington County resident or family member has already responded to one of these letters, contact law enforcement and any financial institutions immediately.

An example of the letter can be seen, in its entirety, at www.facebook.com/covingtondaoffice.