Learning to play the game of golf

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 9, 2017

Several students from around Covington County showed up at the Evans Barnes Golf Course on Wednesday for the first day of the City of Andalusia’s Golf Camp.

“We have been doing this for several years now and it’s always a good time,” camp instructor Art Gilbert said. “Golf is a fun game that you can start playing at a young age and you can continue to play it even after you retire.”

Gilbert said the camp will show the kids the basics of the game and also teach them how to behave on a golf course.

“There’s a lot of unwritten etiquette in the game of golf and those are things that we try to show them,” Gilbert said. “We keep it fun and the kids are allowed to learn at their own pace.”

Throughout the summer, the kids will learn many things about the game of golf, but Gilbert said if they are serious about the game that they should look into taking lessons.

“This is a good start, but if they are serious about it they should take lessons from a pro,” Gilbert said. “That’s something I wish I would have done.”