Letter: Trump’s presidency is answer to prayers

Published 3:32 pm Saturday, June 10, 2017

To the editor:

I just read Ms. Blackmon’s piece in the June 6, 2017, Star-News. When are you people going to realize (recognize) that Donald Trump won the presidential election and that the Russians had nothing to do with the election? Ms. Blackmon keeps saying she is a Christian. I would like to ask her this: If God came to earth and saw all the things Barrack Obama pushed forward in his agenda (more abortions, homosexual marriages, t his gender/bathroom fiasco, and more), do you think He would approve? Do you, Ms. Blackmon, approve? Seems you need to do some soul-searching before saying you are a believer.


President Trump is the president. You Democratic liberals have an agenda to turn this country into a dictatorship. Obama was told by the Supreme Court that he was overstepping his authority as president. You didn’t see a bunch of conservatives out marching, burning peoples’ businesses, shouting words and things that I would not repeat in front of my wife. This type of behaviour is what you support if you are a Democrat. All of this liberal agenda is being promoted by all of the liberal newspapers and all of the liberal TV news channels. If you believe all the lies and hatred that the liberal news people spew out, I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you!

If you believe in God as you say you do, you must realize that it was God’s will for Mr. Trump to win the election. “No one” expected him to win. He was not “supposed” to win. Millions of Christians all over the nation had been praying for many months, on our knees, for God’s will to be done in the election. It was THAT important to the future of our country. We prayed for a miracle and God provided one. God decided our president, not the Russians or anyone else. If you or anyone else cannot understand this, you may want to rethink your relationship with the Lord.



Larry Mullen