Morgan joins professional dance company

Published 9:28 am Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dozier native and Andalusia Ballet alumnus Cameron Morgan spent the past week dancing with the Andalusia Ballet Intensive.

Sunday, he’s headed to Barcelona for six weeks of study, followed by work at the Vail Dance Festival before heading to Providence, where he has been named a company dancer with Festival Ballet Providence for the 2017-18 season.

But first, there’s work to do today.

“Tomorrow, Daddy says, we’ll pick up eggs in the morning, and rake hay the rest of the day. Then I’ll fly across the pond.”

Morgan graduated from Oklahoma University in December with majors in dance and public relations. He was an apprentice with Festival Ballet Providence, and worked with its marketing department.

“I apprenticed with the company this past season, and we did Romeo and Juliet, Carmen, and Cinderella,” he said.

“We finished last season a few weeks ago, so I’ve been dancing at the studio, and helping Daddy on the farm.”

Sunday, he leaves for six weeks in Barcelona, where he studied last summer through a study abroad program.

“The director offered to let me come back,” Morgan said. “They have a residence they’ll put me up in while I am there training.”

Summer is about working and improving, he said.

“I’ll be there until the middle of July.”

While working with the company, he and his colleagues dance 40 hours a week, and more during show weeks.

“It’s been a good change of pace on the farm,” he said of being with his parents, Huey and Alicia Morgan.

He’ll arrive on Monday morning, and immediately begin pulling together a duet for a a performance five days later. Otherwise, his training will be more focused on technique than performance.

When he returns from Spain, he’ll have three days to get to Vail, for his third year using his PR skills helping run social media for the month-long event.

“I’ll also be able to take a few classes there, but I won’t be performing,” he said.

Most dance companies don’t have year-round seasons, so many of his colleagues are doing other gigs in the summer.

“Some take summer months off. Others do summer intensives at other companies. A lot of people try to work side career/side jobs,” he said. “A lot of them are really focusing on finding gigs and dance jobs to pay the rent.”

In Rhode Island, he was promoted to full company member for the upcoming season.

“I found out in a meeting with the director in the spring,” he said, adding that in the dance world, most people have a similar meeting each year – a progress report of sorts.

“He said he was pleased with how I’m doing, and he was happy to let me know I as being promoted to full company. That was exciting.”

Company life has been a change of pace from college, he said.

“In a company, you have company class. But it’s up to you to really get as much out of it as you want,” he said. “No one is giving you constant corrections.”

While Providence has many attractions, he sad after 40 hours a week of dancing, many dancers find they have less energy to do fun things. He also has responsibilities in the marketing department, where he does video production, manages social media, and works on email marketing.

This week, he and his family hosted the guest dancers visiting Andalusia for Summer Intensive for a tour of the farm.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said.