OPD warns of vehicle break ins outbreak

Published 11:44 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Opp Police Department recently identified two suspects – Kayla Wilson and Gary Moore – in one of the many recent vehicle break-ins and thefts.

OPD is dealing with an above average spike in these types of crimes.

Chief Mike McDonald said that there has been a number of arrests and reports of both juveniles and adults breaking into vehicles.

McDonald said that the vast majority of the break-ins are happening during the late night and have occurred throughout the city.

“It doesn’t matter if you park in the parking lot of a store or even in front of your house, or if it’s during the day or night, take your valuables out of your vehicle,” McDonald said. “That includes wallets, purses and firearms. Also, lock your car when you leave it. Don’t make it to where someone can simply open the door and get in it.”

McDonald said that recently the OPD has identified two suspects who broke into an Opp resident’s car and stole credit cards and even a bank bag containing money for the victim’s church.

Wilson and Moore were identified as the suspects and are now believed to have fled the state.

“We believe they fled to Cleveland. So, we are going to have to try and get them back down here so we can charge them,” McDonald said.

McDonald also said that it is very important to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

“If you see someone fooling around someone’s home or around a vehicle, call the police,” he said. “Call them immediately and be able to provide a description of the person and a tag and vehicle description if they are associated with a nearby vehicle.”

McDonald also had a very important message for local parents and caregivers.

“When children are out late at night there is not a lot for them to do,” he said. “If they are walking the streets or riding around in a car they can get themselves into a dangerous situation with someone or even get themselves into trouble. So, we need to get our kids in when it’s late at night and make sure they’re not just out wondering the streets. I don’t see a whole lot of good that comes from that.”

Anyone that notices suspicious activity in or around a home or vehicle is urged to contact OPD at 334-493-4511.