Finally back in the octagon

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2017

After almost 9 months away from the ring, Cameron Page is ready for his upcoming bout in Orlando.

“I’m just excited to get back in there really,” Page said. “I’ve been training non-stop and it’s going to feel good getting back into action.”

Page said that he has attempted to add fights before the July fight, but hasn’t been able to find an opponent.

“I’m focused on getting back in action,” Page said. “I’ve tried to line up a few fights, but everyone keeps backing out on me.”

Coming into the fight, Page said he has changed up his training process.

“I’m training six days a week, but I’m training smarter,” Page said. “The way I was training was getting me injured and I would end up fighting hurt. We changed that up and I’ve also gotten smarter with my diet. I feel as good now as I have ever felt going into a fight.”

In the fight, Page will take on Cleveland Mclean.

“He is good solid guy,” Page said. “He likes to ground and pound. He is an all-around good fighter so it should be a good fight.”

The Page and Mclean fight will be held July 29 in Orlando .The fight is put on by Combat Night MMA cage fighting.