Opp has raised $16K for depot

Published 1:41 am Saturday, June 17, 2017

Opp Mayor Becky Bracke said Friday that they have raised about $16,000 in private contributions toward her $250,000 goal to help finish out the L&N Depot renovation project.

Bracke said they also had to make a few changes to the design to include a sprinkler system and add some ramps.

“The fire marshal said we had to have a sprinkler system,” she said. “That added about $50,000 to the budget and the ramps added some more.”

Bracke said that while her letter earlier this month set a June 14 deadline for donations, she said that’s not a definitive deadline and that donations are still needed.

The contributions are primarily needed for landscaping, and to furnish the building with period pieces, Bracke said.

The building is expected to be completed something mid-summer.


The project was initially expected to cost $762,500.

The city was awarded a $400,000 grant through the Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) for the project. The grant requires a 20 percent match from the city of Opp.

Paul Catrett is the contractor on the project.