Writer: Liberals will never get it

Published 8:33 am Saturday, June 17, 2017

I suppose, if Hillary had won the election, the liberal would have never mentioned the Russians interfering with the election.

By the way, the Russians have been interfering in our elections, even during the Obama election.

But that’s different.

Since he was a liberal candidate, no one said the Russians had anything to do with Obama’s winning the elections.

If you agree with the Obama agenda and the Clinton agenda, do you know that while they were in office, the national debt went up to $20 trillion in six years?

They spent more money than all of the other presidents together since George Washington.

Obama was the only president to lower the borrowing power of our credit standing for three stars down to one star.

This is the first time that has ever happened in our history.

We wont’ hear about that in your liberal news on TV or read it in your liberal newspapers.

We hear all the trash about President Trump’s affairs, marriages, etc.

We all have a past.

Mr. Trump has not had sex in the oval office like Bill Clinton.

Talk about a black mark on our country.

Have you heard about the law professor at Harvard who did a survey this year that showed that 95 percent of the news coverage about President Trump has been negative.

Only 5 percent was positive.

What does that tell you about fair news coverage?

Obama and Hillary got 100 percent positive coverage from major news networks and newspapers.

Is that fair news coverage?


Since most liberals apparently do not know who God is, I’ll tell you.

God’s son Jesus died on the cross for our sins, although, he was without sin.

When we accept him as our Savior, he gives us the Holy Spirit, to remind us when we sin, to ask forgiveness.

I guess liberals think they are OK without living for God.

One day, when Jesus comes back for his own (Christians), I certainly would not want to be in your shoes.

God help you.

He will, you know.


Larry Mullen