Restaurants report good days

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

While some people around Andalusia may be repeating the phrase, “rain, rain go away,” that’s surprisingly not the case for everyone.

Rain can hurt some businesses on days like the area has seen lately, but business also picks up in many instances.

According to Domino’s manager Rob Carpenter, business always tends to pick up on rainy days, especially deliveries.

“Usually when it rains a lot of people ask for more deliveries because they just don’t want to come out in the rain,” Carpenter said. “Business stays pretty steady when it rains and we generate more sales on these types of days.”

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s general manager David Butler agreed with that notion.

“Believe it or not, we’re kind of glad when it rains because people seem to come a little bit more,” Butler said. “We seem to be busier on the rainy days more so than regular days. This time of year it’s usually a little bit slower but when it does rain it pushes folks indoors so we tend to be busier.”

The Crow’s Nest co-owner Kelly Hart said sometimes the rain hurts, but that’s not always the case.

“It just depends on the day, honestly,” Hart said. “Sometimes, that’s when we’re the busiest because people can’t do anything else other than stay inside and eat. Sometimes it does slow it down a little bit, though.

“A lot of the men that come in are roofers or work outside. So, if it’s raining they may not be working that day, but even then, we still get a lot of traffic from the bypass so it’s not great but it doesn’t kill us.”

CJ’s Grille sees business boom during rainy days, according to manager Misty Nall.

“I think it’s because we are right in the middle of town and all the local businesses around come here,” Nall said. “It really is like we’re a bit busier when it rains. I just think we’re in a great location in downtown Andalusia, the best place to be.”

The Surly Mermaid Deli is also in downtown Andalusia but owner Jennifer Ambrester said that the rain drastically hurts business.

“It slows it down tremendously for us,” Ambrester said. “We’re expecting it to stay that way for the next couple of days but hope to recover again Saturday.”

Owner Jerri Tillman said that the rain has no affect on Steamboat Supersandwiches.

“It doesn’t affect my business at all,” Tillman said. “They still come in here, rain or shine, and that’s the truth. I’m always still busy when it rains.”

Huddle House manager Aaron Tucker said that their business isn’t affected by the weather either.

“It doesn’t really affect our business, we’re still jumping and seeing a lot of people over here when it rains,” Tucker said.

David’s Catfish assistant manager Casey Inman said that it surprises her every time, but the rain typically drives in more customers.

“Sometimes it really helps, I don’t know but for some crazy reason a lot of people come during the rain,” Inman said. “We’ll be surprised at how busy it is sometimes despite the rain because you’d think it would hurt, but it really doesn’t. If it was storming or lightning it would be different, but not the rain.”