EMA: Some sirens not functioning

Published 2:20 am Friday, June 23, 2017

The Covington County EMA reported Thursday afternoon that some of the sirens in the county are not functioning properly.

EMA Director Susan Harris said that specifically the sire at 12136 Lavon Shaddix Lane on Hwy. 84 West at the DOT offices, the one at 1709 Pioneer Drive off of East Three Notch Street that runs behind the LBWCC campus and the siren at 1000 S. Three Notch Street at the Western Bypass close to Old Mexico.

“Now, the sirens are for outside alert and at this point, they may all sound and they may not,” she said. “We are working to get more specific status of all these siren as fast as possible. However, be prepared to have other ways to get your alerts. Whether it is by NOAA weather radio or your local media sources, have a backup plan. One should never be dependent on a single alert system. Always have another way. Also, be sure that one of your plans includes a system that will run on batteries.”

Harris said, “Our point is this: We do our best to get as many people notified as possible, but in the event that something happens and a system fails, it’s up to you to be sure you have all the tools you need to be safe, be prepared and be ready.”