4-1-1 on hiding Andalusia Rocks

Published 12:36 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hiding painted rocks can be tricky business. Some businesses just don’t want rocks hidden in their stores. Hiding painted, inspirational rocks in Covington County, as a part of Andalusia Rocks, has become a very popular activity of late.

More than 2,400 people have joined the Andalusia Rocks Facebook page but some businesses have some limitations for rock hiding on their premises.

According to Andalusia Rocks founder Ashton Owens, there are a number of businesses that have made these limitations clear.

“Winn Dixie would prefer rocks to be hidden outside of the store, not inside,” Owens said on the Andalusia Rocks group page.

Owens said that Shoe Department of Andalusia said it was fine.

“Shoe Department is OK with rocks inside the store,” she said. “Just not an excessive amount, and please be respectful.”

Owens also said that Pic-N-Sav is OK with rocks being placed in the store as well, but just on the floor.

Walmart is also fine with rock hiding as long as rocks are not placed on the floor and as long as it doesn’t get too excessive.

Similarly, Andalusia Rocks member April Woods said that she spoke to Cost Plus and they are fine with rock hiding there as long as no rocks are placed on produce or meat. Brooke Moore Beam said that Arby’s is also OK with it.

“Please remember to respect businesses and other people’s property,” Owens said. “This is a project to bring a little happiness and inspiration to all.”