City ordinances govern fireworks

Published 1:10 am Friday, June 30, 2017

Fireworks are a big, fun part of Fourth of July celebrations but there are some laws and regulations that people should know before getting to the fun.

Shooting fireworks inside the city limits of Andalusia is a violation of a city ordinance (Ch. 12, Sec. 12-14), “it shall be unlawful to sell or offer for sale, possess or discharge any fireworks inside the city limits of the City of Andalusia,” the ordinance reads.

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson said that any person caught violating this ordinance would be issued a summons to court and would be assessed a fine, if found guilty.

Opp residents, however, are allowed to use fireworks inside the city limits.

“(Residents) can use consumer fireworks on their own private property, but not on city property, public property, church property or another person’s property,” Opp Fire Chief Cory Spurlin said. “Only consumer fireworks that you can buy from licensed fireworks dealers like you can buy here in town or the community, not commercial or professional type fireworks, are allowed.”

Both the Andalusia Fire Department and Opp Fire Department urged residents to use good judgment and practice safety when handling fireworks at all times.

For those who want to see fireworks, but not risk breaking the law or shooting them themselves, there will be fireworks at sunset at the Kiwanis Community Center at Frank Jackson State Park on the Fourth of July.