Kids share meaning of Independence Day

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Traditionally, July 4th or Independence Day is a celebration of the country’s declaration of independence from Great Britain, but for some people it has also become a family celebration.

Andalusia siblings Houston and Savannah Walker both associate fireworks with the celebration.

“It means fireworks and celebrating America to me,” Houston said.

Savannah agreed, “I love the fireworks.”

Youngsters Madalynn Hill and Harley Salcedo said that they love fireworks and playing in the park.

“I love to watch the fireworks and play at the park on the Fourth,” Salcedo said.

“I just like watching the fireworks,” Hill agreed.

Anna Kate McDaniel said that it means more about honoring the flag of the United States to her.

“It means that we serve America and honor the flag,” McDaniel said.

Siblings Jenna Kate Clark and Andrew Clark said that the holiday is about celebrating America’s independence.

“It’s all about watching fireworks and celebrating America’s independence,” Andrew said.

“My favorite thing is the fireworks,” Jenna Kate said.

Avery Garner said that she loves that her family spends time together watching fireworks.

“Going to the beach with my family and watching the fireworks on the beach,” Garner said.