We missed the crowd at Tuesday parade

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I want to thank all of the people who were part of the 4th of July parade in Andalusia. The highlight of the parade for our family was the adorable dog with the red, white and blue shirt on with a balloon attached to it. We loved it!

But where was everyone? The parade was the smallest one that I can remember. Why didn’t more people participate in it? And where were the spectators? It was so small that the street sweeper seemed to be part of the parade. There wasn’t even anything for it to sweep up. We were so disappointed with it that my 8-year-old son left there crying with disappointment. We can do better Andalusia! Let’s take pride in our great country and our great town of Andalusia.

Bonnie Edson

Red Level