Bethany’s Daniels felt pastoral call at age 15

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Three months into his pastoral duties at Bethany Baptist Church, Nathan Daniels feels right at home.

The Pleasant Grove native began his tenure at Bethany the first Sunday in April, but his desire and calling to the ministry began long ago.

“I felt like I was called into the ministry at 15,” he said. “ I interned at First Baptist in Pleasant Grove at 15.”

Daniels said he went on missions trips and was dedicated to walking with th Lord.

“We thought we’d be in the mission field,” he said. “But the Lord closed some of those doors for us.”

Then, they applied “anywhere and everywhere,” before spending time at Westmont Baptist Church, which was about 15 minutes from his native Pleasant Grove.

Then, Daniels got the opportunity to come to Bethany.

“It’s really been wonderful,” he said. “Bethany is a church of really great people. Really I don’t have a single complaint at all.”

Daniels earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and minor in world religion at Samford University and a master’s degree from Beeson Divinity School.

“Our goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and for those disciples to go and make more disciples,” he said.

Daniels and his wife, Jessica, have two sons, Micah, 4, and Luke, almost 3.