Locals received $11.15M in food stamps last year

Published 1:11 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

Covington County is ranked No. 29 in the amount of food stamps received per county in Alabama.

There were approximately 7, 372 people making claims for food stamps totaling $11.15 million annually in 2016.

Statewide, more than 850,000 Alabamians received $1.25 billion in food stamp assistance.

Clay County has the least claimants at 1,832 for a total of $2.38 million.

Neighboring Crenshaw County had 2,809 claimants totaling $4.23 million; Conecuh County had 3,445 people applying for $5.25 million; Butler County had 4,785 claimants for $6.96 million; Geneva County had 5,251 recipients for $8.65 million; Coffee County had 7,130 claimants for $10.69 million; and Escambia County had 8,363 claimants for $12.68 million.

Jefferson County had the largest amount at 109, 346.