GUIDING THE FUTURE DOGS: Youth coaches get insight from Andy staffers

Published 12:05 am Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Andalusia High School football coaching staff recently took time out of their schedules to host a mini coaching clinic for the Andalusia Youth Football League coaches to attend.

“It was amazing,” AYFL Pee Wee coach Brett Holmes said. “I thought it was just going to be Coach (Trent) Taylor and maybe one or two others, but the entire coaching staff was there and they made us feel like part of the staff.”

Every year, the AYFL holds a youth football camp that Taylor and AHS staff help with, but this year Holmes said things went a little differently.

“Normally, we hold a youth camp, but this year we partnered up with Children’s Policy Council to help bring in the Jeremiah Castille camp,” Holmes said. “We just used that as our camp. During the camp, Trent (Taylor) came up to me and said, ‘Since we aren’t doing a camp this year, why don’t you bring the AYFL coaches up here one night and we will hold sort of coaches clinic.’”

Holmes said he told Taylor that they would love to do it and the two immediately began to work on a date for the clinic.

“I told him that we appreciate it, but we aren’t trying to impose on him,” Holmes said. “I knew he was busy getting ready for their season, but he said it was no problem. After going back and forth on a few dates, we finally landed on one that worked for everyone.”

The AHS coaches didn’t just breeze through the process, as each coach got up in front of the group of AYFL coaches and discussed different aspects of the game.

“The information that they left us with is invaluable,” Holmes said. “Trent (Taylor) got up and talked first about organizing practice. Coach (Adam) Helms asked what schemes we run on defense and then he broke down things on the board that we could incorporate. Coach (Tyler) Dent spent about 15 minutes talking to us about different drills and techniques for defensive linemen, and Coach (Ray) Wilson talked about different quarterback drills. The insight they gave us was great.”

Holmes said that Taylor also stressed things that the players should be taught.

“Trent (Taylor) was stressing certain things,” Holmes said. “Not so much plays or drills, but techniques on tackling, blocking and other things that he said if we teach them this now, they will be ahead of the curve when they get to junior high. He said that schemes may change by the time they get to him in high school, but these are things that they could build on when he reaches high school.”

The clinic was something the AYFL coaches appreciate and won’t forget, Holmes said.

“I would say that we had about 75 percent of our AYFL coaching staff there for the clinic,” Holmes said. “We all had note pads and were glued to what they AHS coaches were telling us. Every one I talked to enjoyed it and we hope it’s something that we can do again next year. I can’t stress how informative it was and how grateful for the relationship that we have with Coach Taylor and his staff at Andalusia.”