Andalusia Manor launches online message program for residents

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2017

Have a friend or family member at Andalusia Manor?

There’s a new feature on the nursing home’s website that allows friends and family members to send a resident a message.

Janie Hudson and Teresa Moseley of Andalusia Manor said the option to send the message hasn’t been available long, but is part of an upgrade to the Manor’s website.

“Whenever we set up the webpage, we thought it would be a good feature,” Hudson said.

Moseley said some of the residents have access to a computer.

The message is emailed to Moseley, who makes sure it gets to the resident.

“What happens is the email comes to me and I enlarge it and print it out and take it to them for them to read,” she said. “I explain to them that I got it off of our webpage and that someone sent it to them.”

Moseley said so far, she’s received about four or five messages for residents, but it’s something they hope will take off and help brighten the spirits of their residents.

“The ones I have received, the residents have been so tickled and blessed,” she said. “We just liked it.”

To send a message to a resident, visit the Andalusia Manor website at