Nearly 400 turn out for LBWCC Experience

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 21, 2017

This week some 350-400 students took part in the LBWCC Experience.

Heather Owen, director of recruitment at LBWCC. said that the experience is essentially LBWCC”s version of orientation.

“Our incoming students sign up for a session on the campus they are going to attend,” she said.

Owen said officials schedule one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon and students attend the one that best fits their schedules.

“Parents are invited to attend,” she said. “It gives parents and students the opportunity to learn about how it works and what we have to offer.”

Owen said students have had the opportunity to meet with their academic advisers, talk about degree plans, get their fall schedule, get their parking decals and talk to financial aid.

Owen said the day gives students the opportunity to get everything taken care of before school starts back.

“I would say we probably had 350-400 who attended,” she said.

Owen said a lot of the parents who attended were first timers.

“They had never gone to college or this was their first child going to college,” she said. “Or they graduated from college 30 years ago, and wanted to make sure they knew all the right stuff.”

Owen said they had several out-of-state athletes come as well.

Classes begin Aug. 21.