FAQs about the 2017 drawdown at Point A Lake

Published 12:55 am Saturday, July 22, 2017

When is the next scheduled Point A Lake drawdown?

The water level in Point A Lake is scheduled to be lowered beginning Sept. 15, 2017.


How long will the lake be lowered?

It is anticipated that the lake will begin to refill in mid-December. However, the lake could begin refilling sooner if all maintenance is completed or heavy seasonal rainfall occurs.


Will Gantt Lake also be lowered during this time?

No. The next Gantt Lake drawdown is expected to occur in Fall 2019.


Why is PowerSouth lowering Point A?

PowerSouth must perform normal inspections and repairs to the Point A dam. The lake water level must be lowered to allow access to the structure and equipment.


How far will the lake be lowered?

The lake water level will be lowered approximately 22 feet.


How long will it take for Point A to empty?

The drawdown will take place over about two weeks’ time. The lake will be lowered six inches per day for the first two days and then one foot per day for the next six days. After the eight-foot mark, the lake will be lowered as quickly as safely possible.


Can I perform work on docks, piers, boat ramps, seawalls and jetties, as well as dredging or filling, while the lake is drawn down?

Not without the appropriate permits. You must obtain a permit before performing any work inside the lake bed. To obtain a permit, contact PowerSouth’s Land Management Department at (334) 427-3000. Please begin the permitting process as soon as possible – it could take four to six weeks for your permit to be approved.


After I get my permit from PowerSouth, when can I begin work?

After Oct. 4, 2017. No construction activities that impact the lakebed are allowed from September 15 until October 4. These dates are subject to change, so please contact PowerSouth’s Land Management Department at (334) 427-3000 before you begin construction.


Why is construction suspended before Oct. 4?

PowerSouth in cooperation with multiple state and federal natural resource agencies will be conducting a mussel salvage effort during this time. Any disturbance or access to the dry lake bed during this time is prohibited.


What is PowerSouth doing to protect the mussels?

PowerSouth is making a concerted effort to minimize and mitigate the environmental impact of the drawdown. In cooperation with state and federal agencies, PowerSouth will make an effort to recover and relocate these certain species to Gantt Lake and Patsaliga Creek as the water recedes.

PowerSouth, along with officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Troy University, will use this opportunity to conduct research on these species. Please refrain from entering areas marked as study locations.


Will the lakebed be completely dry?

No. The Conecuh River and Patsaliga Creek both feed into Point A Lake. These waterways will maintain their natural flow through the lakebed. The gates at Point A dam will be open to allow the water to pass downstream into the Conecuh River.


Can I enter the dry lakebed for recreational purposes?

No. All public access points to the lake will be closed as of Sept. 14, 2017, including fishing piers and boat launches.

For safety purposes and to avoid disturbing threatened mussel species’ habitat, please refrain from entering the lakebed. This includes operating vehicles (including ATVs), fishing, metal detecting and any other activities.


What if I see mussels in the lakebed during the drawdown?

There are many mussel species in the lake that are not threatened nor endangered. However, please refrain from disturbing any mussels or other wildlife during the drawdown