Learning to play the right way

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The City of Andalusia Youth Tennis Camp will wrap up this week after a successful summer on court at LBWCC.

“It has really been great year,” head instructor Paul Smith said. “The young group has really been great. They had the greatest participation numbers.”

Over the course of the summer, Smith along with Monica King and players from the Andalusia High School tennis team have helped the kids learn about the game of tennis.

“With the different age groups, you are focusing on different aspects of the game,” Smith said. “The younger ones are just getting introduced to game so we just work on the very basics. For them, we try to keep it fun so that they will continue to come each year and learn.”

Smith said that a lot of the older campers have been with them for the past few years.

“We have a lot of kids that came back this year,” Smith said. “It’s always great to see those kids come back and see how much they have improved at the game. The oldest group that we have are kids that getting ready to go into the tennis program at Andalusia.  With them, we are working on more specific techniques. We are working on their short game and making their serves stronger and more consistent. A lot of them will be eligible for the tennis program this spring so we want to get them prepared for that.”

Smith said that he was pleased with this year’s camp and looks forward to next year.

“The kids have really been great this year,” Smith said. “They all came in eager to learn and they all showed a lot of improvement throughout the summer. I hope that they will all come back next year and bring some of their friends along with them.”

The tennis camp wraps up with a class tournament today and Thursday.

There will be awards handed out on Thursday to the winner and runner-up from each class.